GENERAL JUMP | Sky High Trampolining
We're Open! Come on down to Sky High our doors are open

Open Bounce

The open bounce area is our main area of the trampoline park, it has over 50 connected trampolines that go wall to wall. If you’re a first timer or a free running enthusiast, we’ll have something for you

Basketball Slam Dunk

Basketball players are known for their impressive slam dunks but here at Sky High you can give them a run for their money. Use pure trampoline runway to free jump your way to the high hoops and shoot like a pro.

Tumble Tracks

There’s no better place to showcase your freestyle skills than the Tumble Tracks. These trampolines are longer than your standard trampoline allowing room for advanced movement within your safety ability. Bouncing with a buddy? Our dual Tumble Track layout allows you and a friend to Tumble in synchronization so everyone can have a great time.

Parkour Pro

Our Parkour Pro area is where the professionals can show off their adventurous moves using our strategic obstacles. You must be experienced and confident to join in the fun in this area.


The aim of this game is to throw and hit your opponents with multiple balls. If they’re hit, they’re out and the last man standing wins. Easy as that. Now, imagine that but slightly more extreme. Use the trampolines to bounce high and escape the incoming dodgeballs, or launch a sneaky aerial shot at your opponent.