SAFETY AND RULES | Sky High Trampolining
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Freestyle Trampolining is an extreme sport and just like any other physical sport there are risks involved. However if you listen and follow the instructions of our fully trained staff members and comply with the Sky high rules these risks are greatly reduced.


Age 5-13 years

Sky High has a minimum age of 5 years old and our safety training is tailored to this minimum level of maturity. As a practical method of ensuring adherence to this safety policy we also have a minimum height of 1.2m or 3.4 feet. This is the average height of a 5 year old in the UK, and is easy and quick for us to check. If you or your jumpsters are 5 years old or older but don’t meet the height requirement, please bring along on your first visit proof of your date of birth/passport and you will be admitted to Sky High.

5 – 13 year olds must be supervised by an adult aged 18+ throughout the duration of their visit. This 18+ person must also sign the Risk Acknowledgement and Waiver on their behalf. As a spectating adult, you do not have to join in if you don’t want to and you can spectate for free. You can grab a coffee from the café and enjoy the view from our elevated viewing area.

Age 14-15 Years

If you are aged 14-15 years, you will have a level of maturity and therefore do not need to be fully supervised at Sky High. A person aged 18+ must drop you off at site and sign the Risk Acknowledgement and Waiver on your behalf. After that, your parents can leave and you can start your Sky High experience.

Age 16-17 years

You can sign your Risk Acknowledgement and Waiver yourself and you don’t need anyone 18+ to come with you. However, you cannot supervise or sign for under 16’s.

Age 18+

You can supervise and sign for others as well as yourself. If you are supervising, you can do this as a participant or as a spectator (spectating is free). Each person 18+ can supervise a maximum of 10 under 16’s.


All participants must have read and completed a Sky High waiver form before their activity can begin.

  • If a person is under 16, a waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • For safety, hygiene and to avoid slipping, all participants must wear SkyHigh trampoline gripsocks when jumping
  • Jumpers must wear the valid-coloured wristband at all times during jumping.
  • Under no circumstances are people under the influence of alcohol or drugs allowed use of the park.
  • Look out for other jumpers and give way to the smaller ones.
  • Pregnant women or people with health concerns are advised not to jump.
  • No lying or sitting on the trampolines. Take a break if required in the seating area.
  • Grabbing of the safety pads or safety netting is prohibited.
  • No double bouncing, running, wrestling or rough play.
  • One person per trampoline at a time.
  • Always land with two feet and aim to stay in the middle of the trampoline mat away from the padding – Do not operate mobile phones, cameras or similar equipment on the trampolines.
  • Bad language will not be tolerated.
  • No food or drink (including gum) is permitted on the trampolines.
  • No double somersaults or flips or tricks over the pads are allowed. Single somersaults are allowed but no more than two in a row.
  • No belt buckles, clothing studs, jewellery, key chains, or sharp objects are permitted on the trampolines. – No loose change in pockets.
  • No outside drinks or food permitted, unless special permission is granted by management.



  • Do not dive into the air bag head first.
  • Exit the area as soon as possible.
  • Following safety instructions from Sky High Crew at all times to prevent any accidents.
  • Do not jump until it is clear and safe to do so.
  • Remove all items from your pockets. If you lose something it cannot be found until there is scheduled maintenance.
  • Follow the displayed rules in this area.


  • No head shots or kicking the ball is allowed.
  • You are out if hit by a thrown ball.
  • The Sky High Crew decisions are final when it comes to refereeing a Dodgeball game.
  • If you are out, leave the court.
  • You can deflect an incoming ball with one ball already in your hands.
  • Catching a ball thrown by an opponent before it touches the ground means that they are out.
  • You are out if you touch the neutral zone.
  • Follow the displayed rules in this area.


  • Stay in your lane.
  • Do not hang off of the hoops or supporting equipment.
  • One person per lane at a time.
  • Follow the displayed rules in this area.



Trampolining is an inherently dangerous activity so always jump within your ability. Stay safe and enjoy the ultimate bounce!